Post Production

Editing, Color Correction and Sound Design

Inertia Films offers our clients a great environment to finish a project.  Our two main suites are the Richmond Room and the Cincinnati Room.  With HD editing, sound mixing and motion graphics, the Inertia team can handle your post production workflow.  Each suite features large flat panel client monitors, client desk, client phone and comfy chairs.

Edit Suites

The Richmond Suite


The Richmond suite will be your portal into the post world.  HD Editing, color grading and finishing are some of the tools our editors and graphic artists will use to bring your project to life.  Motion graphics and green screen compositing are no problem either.  Inertia Films offers our clients wifi internet access and a professional workspace for their edit sessions.

Equipped with but not limited to:

  • Final Cut Studio Pro
  • Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium Suite
  • Kona 3G System
  • DVCPRO HD Deck
  • QXD Card Reader
  • SxS Card Reader
  • P2 Card Reader


The Cincinnati Suite

The creativity and skill of our sound department is sure to boost your project to the next level.   In the Cincinnati Suite, we can tackle dialogue clean-up, sound effects, scoring, and mixing.   As our audio supervisor often quips, “your project will look better if it sounds good.”  In addition to Pro Tools, this suite is also ready for editing with Final Cut Pro.

Equipped with but not limited to:

  • Pro Tools Post Audio Suite
  • Final Cut Pro Studio
  • Pro Tools DAW
  • Fully automated mix control surface
  • Waves Plug-in Suite
  • Dedicated VO booth